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Prefabricated Vertical Drain - PVD

Pre-fabricated vertical drains  provide a cost effective method to enhance soil consolidation either alone or in combination with traditional pre-loading. With increased demands on land, so the need to develop and utilise poor ground increases. Such ground is typified by fine-grained soils that are characterised by poor drainagem. Construction of roads, railways and building platforms over such ground often necessitate the raising of the existing ground level and, with time, the weight of the new material causes increased water pressure, As this pressure slowly dissipates so consolidation occurs and this causes stress to be placed on the structure - stress that can ultimately lead to failure. The answer is to speed up and control the consolidation process. This is achieved using vertical drains, which allow the pore pressures to dissipate in a much shorter time period. 

A crane fitted with a purpose made rig is used to install
the drains into the soft layers to depths of 20-40 meters.

Emas Kiara manufacture the Alidrain system, a complete range of vertical drains that can be tailored directly to the needs of a given project. Alidrain is one of the pioneer vertical drains systems with a studded and extremely flexible core structure.

The drain systems are designed to ensure that adequate discharge capability is present at all times during the consolidation phase. Both the unique studded core and the filter material specification can be designed to meet the needs of the specific soil conditions for each individual project to ensure a cost effective solution.